Red beetroots

On the Farm beetroots have been grown since 1997. The area of beetroots is 170 hectares. There the Dutch hybrid varieties ”Pablo”, ”Boro” and ”Wodan” are being grown, which ensure the optimum shape and colour of the root-crops, and lets to obtain the highest harvest  per hectare. It is also grown in small-size beets (Baby Beets). Leafy beet.

Modern western technique is used for sowing, maintenance, harvesting and sorting on the farm.

The products are supplied to customers from July to June. They are sold calibrated and washed. 

Since 2012, the Farm of Laukaitis began to grow beetroots according to the environmentally-friendly programme and strives  to get the ”Global gap” certificate. Every year the farm is interested in innovations concerning this field, and tries to introduce them into its production.

 We work with clients who deal with processing and market. We also make contracts for permanent supply. We try to be flexible and respond to diverse customers’ needs.

Within the territory of Lithuania, the production is delivered by our own transportation.