The Farm is growing potatoes for fresh consumption and chips. We can also offer mechanized cleaning of the potatoes. The total area of potatoes is 104 hectares. Since this year, the Farm of Laukaitis began to grow potatoes according to the environmentally-friendly programme and strives  to get the ”Global gap” certificate.

The main grown varieties are – ”Laura”, ”Meladi”, ”Presto”, ”Vineta” and ”Bela rosa”.

 Potatoes are digged up from the second half of July and traded by mid-May. Potatoes are being calibrated, cleaned brushes and washed before selling them. Available in large bags and wrappers and bags.

Potatoes are planted, harvested and sorted using the newest western technique. The farm regularly updates the seeds – this allows to get rich harvest and high-quality tubers.

Within the territory of Lithuania, the production is delivered by our own transportation.